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5 all-time favorite SGA unicorn stories, slash, McShep
rainbow unicorn
skaredykat wrote in sgversetop5
This list -- perhaps not surprisingly, given the theme -- leans heavily toward the crack end of the story spectrum:

Title: But Where Would They Live
Creator's Name: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Pairing/Rating/Warning: McShep, but should be worksafe. Crack.
Wordcount ~2700
Why I chose this: Not just my all-time favorite SGA unicorn fic, but among my all-time favorite fics in the entire SGA fandom (along, obviously, with FJAWFNLTL, listed first in one of my other rec sets here). Of course Rodney is a slightly cranky unicorn and John the rainbow who loves him! For relationship advice, Rodney goes to Teyla the dolphin, who is being wooed by Ronon the spring breeze. Yes, the crack fairy gave abundant blessings to this one.
"Um, I'm Rodney," Rodney says.

"Oh, and that's such a unicorny name," John-the-rainbow pronounces, rolling a wisp of his red sarcastically.

"Excuse me, unicorny?"

"Yes," John says, clearly being an asshole now, "that's the word I was looking for."

Title: The Dreams That You Dare to Dream
Creator's Name: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Pairing/Rating/Warning: McShep, but should be worksafe. More crack.
Wordcount ~1600
Why I chose this: The not-to-be-missed sequel to But Where Would They Live, listed above, in which rainbow!John and unicorn!Rodney attend a convention with compelling panel topics and Rodney worries about their ability to have kids.
"I've been thinking, lately," John says. His turquoise has shaded to blue in that way it does when he's embarrassed.

"Thinking about what?" Rodney asks, wondering if he missed a part of the conversation with his little nap.

Apparently he didn't, because John winds closer around him and sighs. "Having little puddlejumpers of our own," he confides, his voice quiet. "I keep thinking about how awesome our children would be."

Title: With 6 You Get Unicorns
Creator's Name: cupidsbow
Pairing/Rating/Warning: McShep, not worksafe. Badfic parody.
Wordcount ~2050
Why I chose this: John is again a unicorn, but more of a... were-unicorn in this one. It's amazing badfic parody (actually a sequel to cupidsbow's 8 ways not to write a fanfic, which unfortunately lacks unicorns) and meta and a lovely Mary Sue OFC and vengeful Kolya and random bad!sex and everything you (n)ever wanted in a fic all wrapped up together with what has to be one of the greatest last lines in slash fanfic ever....
John was even more special than Rodney had dreamed. He was a unicorn! It almost wasn't a surprise, because John had always been so magical -- just a little too good to be entirely human. Rodney would remember the rippling power of John's body as it changed into that glorious equine form for the rest of his life. He would do anything to touch John's mane, just once.

Title: Still the One
Creator's Name: Written by devildoll based on a summary by astolat
Pairing/Rating/Warning: McShep, PG-13. Badfic parody.
Wordcount ~1100
Links: The story at the challenge post, the story at the author's journal, and a Mission Report sequel.
Why I chose this: Written for svmadelyn's 2006 Badfic Summary Mini-Ficathon challenge, this is another parody gem. In this snippet (the only chapter available of a "greater" work), we get exciting levels of OOC, songfic wooing, references to noncon, and more -- but it was all to save the unicorns!
The victory party was the best one Atlantis had ever had.

They decorated the mess hall, and someone rigged up a sound system, and Zelenka even figured out how to make a sort of disco ball. There was loads of good food, and everyone relaxed and celebrated the fact that they'd managed to save the unicorns from the Genii.

Title: Mythical
Creator's Name: Zoe Rayne/z_rayne
Pairing/Rating/Warning: McShep pre-slash, Worksafe. Not quite as much crack.
Wordcount ~1330
Why I chose this: Rodney, Ford, Teyla, and John encounter something that looks just like a unicorn off-world. For some reason, there's only one person on the team it doesn't like.... (This story has several sequels that go in different directions and vary in level of PWP-ness: Defloration by z_rayne, Factual by filenotch, and In the Spotlight (the Unicorn Remix) by icarusancalion.)
"It appears to be a unicorn, sir," Ford said quickly, and Rodney was surprised to see the faint darkening of an embarrassed blush high on Ford's cheekbones. Oh, he was going to be able to tease Ford about this for months.

The creature did, indeed, seem to be a unicorn. It was white, about the size and shape of a small horse, and very definitely had a long, pointy horn protruding from its forehead.

(Two great SGA stories weren't included for consideration on this list because although they mention them, unicorns weren't essential plot points: waxjism's Existence As Interesting As Possible and helen's This Gun's For Hire, both eventual McShep.)

I am naturally hoping that someone qualified in those fandoms will (someday) add their top 5 all-time favorite SG-1 and SGU unicorn stories to this comm. Yes?

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Awesome! I don't think I've read all of those. What a great collection! What a great fandom!

Is, is that a rainbow John (fine, and Rodney) icon? Awesome backatcha!

It is a great fandom! Also, I firmly believe that all science fiction fandoms should include a selection of good (or good parody) unicorn fic. :)

I hadn't seen the third and fifth ones. Great fun. Thanks!

Pointing people to more fun crack always seems like a good idea!

Also, I've seriously been hoping for this comm to get a set of recs from you. At the search comms you're always pointing people at a lot of good SG-1 and SGA stories... :)
</end of oh-so subtle hint>

I actually only just found this comm, and I was literally thinking of checking out the guidelines and seeing if I could come up with anything. I'm going through the existing posts now, and if any of my ideas haven't already been taken, I'll give it a try!

I see you didn´t mention The Next Event? Strictly speaking they´re called alicorns, not unicorns, but possibly only because [spoilers] and I think they definitely qualify.
(Not that I want to tell you which stories should be your favourites! But I saw this list and thought I´d mention other unicorn stories which I was glad to be reminded of.)

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