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sgversetop5's Journal

Stargate Top5 fics/art/podfics/mixes/comms/...
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Recommendations for all incarnations of the Stargate Verse
This community has been modeled on the buffyversetop5 community and I will try not to steal all their rules will follow roughly the same rules.

What's This All About?

    01) This is a community for recs of fanworks in the Stargate Verse
    02) To quote the mods at buffyversetop5: "Top 5 is meant to thank creators for the work they've shared, introduce newcomers (and longtimers!) to work they may have missed, celebrate another year of enjoying the fandom, and serve as a rec archive that can be searched throughout the year."
    03) Like our sister mother? comm, we aim for 3 (or 4) rounds each year. The first round, "All-Time Favourites" will commence April 1, 2010 at midnight GMT+1 click for your time zone

What You Can Post:

    01) Essentially, anything you like as long as it's fan-created.
    No topic is too out there or too ordinary.
    Fics, icons, art, vids, podfics, fanmixes,...; Character-centric, ensemble!fics,...; Gen, Femmeslash,Het, Slash; websites, communities, challenges, fests,...; writers, artists, vidders, podficcers, mixers,...;...Whatever you can think of and put under a common topic is perfect.
    02) No flaming or bashing! Of recs or fanworks or people or characters or shows or anything. We are here to celebrate the SG-verse, after all. So let's keep it all positive.
    03) Your recs should fit the round you are posting in, but since we don't have specific rounds yet, this shouldn't limit your choices. (You can make suggestions for rounds here.)
    04) No off-topic posts. If you have a question or would like to affiliate with this comm just leave a comment here or here(affiliates).

How To Post Your Recs:

    01) Your subject line should be conclusive. "SGA/BtVS Crossovers, McKay-centric, Gen & Slash, Worksafe" is of the good, "Here's my list:" not so much.
    02) You can give a short summary why you chose the particular topic for your recs or just start with your first rec. Anything beyond this should go behind a cut.
    03) Your Top 5 recs must be posted at the comm not your personal journal.
    04) Top 5 means Top 5. Not more, not less. If you have more recs for one topic, see if you can put them under another topic, or add a topic or divide posts like the examples below:
      "SGA/BtVS Crossovers, McKay-centric, Gen & Slash, Worksafe"
      "SGA/BtVS Crossovers, McKay-centric, Gen, Worksafe"
      "SGA/BtVS Crossovers, McKay-centric, Slash, Worksafe"
      "SGA/BtVS Crossovers, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Worksafe"
      "SGA/BtVS Crossovers, Rodney McKay/Xander Harris, Worksafe"

    05) Use the following code for each of your Top 5 recs. Just c&p the code and adjust to your needs:

    06) Please tag your posts. If there's no tag that fits your Top5, don't worry, we'll add one.

What Else You Need To Know:

    01) This comm has open membership and all posts will be public. To post you'll have to join, though.
    02) Comments are love, not mandatory, but still LOVE.
    03) Like buffyversetop5 this too is not an English-only comm.
    If you want to rec your favourite German/Dutch/Spanish/French/Norwegian/Athosian/??? fanworks just go right ahead.