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Top Five SGA Gen Friend-Remedied Sleep-Deprivation Fics (worksafe)
michelel72 wrote in sgversetop5
How's that for specificity?

I adore stories about sleep deprivation. These are gen stories (in this case meaning not just no pairings, foreground or background, but also no implication of pairing from the headers or community), all SGA, in which one character is sleep-deprived and a friend does something to help. All of these are worksafe. In all cases, my basic reason for recommendation is my liking for the trope combined with my adoration for the friendship-bonding each story showcases; the details with each listing are in addition to that.

Title: One of Those Days All Week
Creator’s Name: mad_maudlin
Characters: Rodney, helped by John/team/Jennifer
Word Count: 5k
Warnings: None
Why I chose this: Whump and mental disturbance may never have been so funny. Rodney is coerced into a repair project by locals who have a way to keep him going, regardless of his physical or mental state. This hour-by-hour accounting details Rodney's deteriorating state as the hours pass ... and pass ... and pass. This story accomplishes the rare feat of making second-person narration work really well. (It also fits into the "hallucination/delirium" and "detox" catetories, other favorites of mine.) The team and Jennifer are in the background, but they're definitely there, trying to help Rodney come back down enough to rest ... in many cases, just by being there for him.

Title: Rest for the Weary
Creator’s Name: linziday
Characters: Rodney, helped by John
Word Count: 2k
Warnings: "Mentions of imprisonment"; I would also mention traumatic flashbacks/agoraphobia
Why I chose this: This one's darker in theme, but just as rewarding. Rodney desperately needs rest, but he can't, because everyone's trying to help him and that's the worst thing they could do. John finds a way to help him help himself.

Title: Nap
Creator’s Name: sirkate and bard_mercutio
Characters: Rodney, helped by Ronon
Word Count: 2k
Warnings: None.
Why I chose this: I know a lot of people think Rodney and Ronon would never be best friends, but I really like stories that acknowledge the ways they are friendly to and responsible for one another. Here, a harmless local custom shows Ronon that Rodney really never gets enough sleep, so he decides to do something about it. Ronon is observant and caring here, with a subtle humor, but with his gruff exterior intact.

Title: Burning the Candle at Both Ends
Creator’s Name: OXBastetXO
Characters: Rodney, helped by Carson (plus Radek, team, Elizabeth)
Word Count: 4.1k.
Warnings: None.
Why I chose this: Yes, there's a theme here — Rodney just doesn't ever seem to sleep. This fic establishes that trend early: just after "Hide and Seek", in fact. Sometimes Rodney's need for involvement and control, combined with the many demands otherwise placed on him in his dual position, conspire with his natural pride to make him think he can get by on minimal sleep. Carson disagrees.

Title: Before the Whales Come Crashing Down
Creator’s Name: linziday
Characters: John, helped by Rodney
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: "Mild language, traumatic hallucinations"
Why I chose this: For a change, this time John's the one kept awake. He's doing so quite deliberately, from duty. Rodney's been down this road quite a few times, and he knows exactly what John has ahead of him, so he makes sure to be around when he knows he'll be most needed. ... and there's a reason why he feels obligated to provide this service.

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Oooh, I love these! Some I haven't read, so thanks! :D

Yay team! And I'm looking forward to reading how Ronon helps Rodney. :)

Glad to bring you some new ones!

awesome -- I love sleep deprivation fics and One of Those Days All Week is a favorite story, but I hadn't come across several of the others before; I'm looking forward to reading them!

I may look into a second list that includes pairings one of these days. Glad you like these — my original list idea stalled out at three strong fics and a bunch of contenders that don't quite hit what I was aiming for, but this list was a lot of fun to build. (You've sucked me in! :>)

Hah, managed to co-opt you! (*does victory dance*) Of course I strongly endorse the idea of your doing a non-gen set as well....

I've also had some ideas that fell by the wayside for sets where I just couldn't get to 5; either 7 I couldn't defavorite any of, or 3 or 4 that were just right but missing that/those last one(s). Still, I like the idea of sets of 5 as a (relatively) easy way to get going on either doing a set or checking out good stuff. :)

Oh, oh! I somehow missed this! How??? *bad mod is bad*

Thank you for your contribution and thank you for reminding me of old loved ones and new ones I haven't read yet.

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