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Last one, I swear!
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Top Five SGA Gen Friend-Remedied Sleep-Deprivation Fics (worksafe)
How's that for specificity?

I adore stories about sleep deprivation. These are gen stories (in this case meaning not just no pairings, foreground or background, but also no implication of pairing from the headers or community), all SGA, in which one character is sleep-deprived and a friend does something to help. All of these are worksafe. In all cases, my basic reason for recommendation is my liking for the trope combined with my adoration for the friendship-bonding each story showcases; the details with each listing are in addition to that.

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5 all-time favorite SGA unicorn stories, slash, McShep
rainbow unicorn
This list -- perhaps not surprisingly, given the theme -- leans heavily toward the crack end of the story spectrum:

unicorns are the best! -- times fiveCollapse )

I am naturally hoping that someone qualified in those fandoms will (someday) add their top 5 all-time favorite SG-1 and SGU unicorn stories to this comm. Yes?

Top 5 SGA Podfics, McKay/Sheppard
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I grew up listening to audiobooks. It started with fairytales like "Wolf and the Seven Young Kids" or "Three Little Pigs" on vinyl, then came "The Famous Five", "Three Investigators" and many more on tape, the "Harry Potter" books read by Rufus Beck (german) or respectively Stephen Fry on cd.
When I finally encountered fanfiction it also came with audiofics. Yep, I was in heaven.

On to the recs. Damn you, 'Top 5'-rule.*shakes fist*

All links go to the Audiofic Archive.

1) Item Title: Crack AUs and the People Who Love Them: a Podfic Album
Creators’ Names: Written & Read by yin_again
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Size: m4b, 128.3 MB, 2:19:50
Why I chose this: It's funny and hot and yin_again has the perfect voice for those stories. And she knows how to read the fics since she not only recorded the podfics but also wrote them.
R/N: Album includes: Clean Plate Club♥, Rub You The Right Way, True Colors, Walk This Way♥, What (Who) I Did On My Summer Vacation on this album.

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My Top Five Favorite Stargate AUs
Finding my favorite five AUs was both very easy and very difficult. There are so many good ones! So I tried to mix it up a little...One is an AU of a canon AU, one's historical, one is sci-fi, one's an apocafic, and one is set in what could be a canon-ish future. There's also a mix of humor and dark.

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5 All-Time Favorite Really Most Sincerely Dead Stories, SGA & SG-1, mostly slash
Perhaps a little grim for April Fool's, but here goes. For the times you want to read something really sad, or something that's sad and uplifting at the same time, grab your Kleenex and click.Collapse )

And we are live...
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Go forth and rec your All-Time Favourite fanworks of the last, uhm, 16 years. Woah! We are ancient!

You can find the posting rules and a template on the profile page.

Have fun!

Masterlist: Crossover/Fusion Mini!RecFest
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Okay, the mini!recfest is now officially over and I send out a big thank you to everybody who shared their favourite crossover/fusion fics and arts.

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Top 5 favorite SGA/other fandoms art fusions - gen & slash
[boys]-tom hiddleston3
Edited, because my first rec was flocked.*headdesk*

1) Item Title: Muppet: Atlantis
Fusion: SGA/Muppet Show
Creator’s Name: astridv
Rating: G
Characters: The Expedition Team + Wraith
Why I chose this: I love SGA fusions with kiddy tv shows and astridv did a marvelous job of turning my favourite SG team into muppets.

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